The o2 Premium Concierge



Project Duration

4 weeks Manufacturing, 1 week Install


Platform Group – Terry Routledge/Louise Heard


We were thrilled to have we’ve been awarded the premium concierge fitout project for the renowned venue, The O2. With a track record of excellence, we eagerly embarked on this endeavour, knowing it would be a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Originally slated for a four-week manufacturing period and a two-week build, our plans quickly shifted when it was revealed that Anthony Joshua would be headlining at the venue. In response to this exciting development, our timeline was unexpectedly condensed to a mere seven days.

Despite the challenges posed by this tight deadline, our dedicated team worked tirelessly, pulling together their expertise, creativity, and determination to deliver a flawless result. Their unwavering dedication ensured that every detail was meticulously attended to, resulting in a finished product that exceeded even our highest expectations.

We couldn’t be prouder of the outcome, knowing that our efforts have contributed to enhancing the prestigious atmosphere of The O2. This project stands as a testament to our ability to thrive under pressure and deliver exceptional results, no matter the circumstances. We look forward to continuing to exceed expectations and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.”