Defected Records


Defected Records

Project Duration

3 weeks




This was another exciting project! It’s always great when the designer is given creative freedom to explore a particular concept. We were responsible for a wide range of tasks, including joinery, partitions, electrical work, and lighting. These are all crucial elements in any office fit-out, and it’s clear that we were up to the task.

The fact that the concept was very industrial would have presented some unique challenges, but we were able to rise to the occasion. Industrial designs often involve a lot of exposed materials, such as concrete, steel, and brick, which can be difficult to work with. However, when executed properly, these materials can create a very striking and impressive look.

Overall, our team did a great job with the Defected Records head office fit-out. It’s always very satisfying to see the finished product and know that we played a key role in bringing the designer’s vision to life.